This week we got up close and personal with Kim Victoria Wearne, founder of Bonfire Folk. Kim’s handmade jewellery is designed using a combination of one-off casts, individual roll prints and hand cutting to ensure each work of finery is unique and worthy of being treasured. Her jewellery is available in Windsor, Manchester Lane and Fitzroy.

Q: What inspired you to get into designing jewellery?

A: I began making small models while I was studying interior design and this eventually morphed into jewellery. I just love sitting at my workbench and working with waxes, metals and stones to make pieces for people to treasure.

Q: What is your number one piece currently showcased in Design A Space?

A: My 'Fingerprint Rings' are my most popular pieces but I am very excited to present the customers with my new precious range - medallions, earrings and rings featuring sapphires, diamonds and emeralds.


Q: What was the last Art Exhibition you went to?

A: Unexpected Pleasures, a contemporary jewellery exhibition at NGV.

Q: What’s your best memory from your childhood?

A: So many to choose from! But in the spirit of jewellery making I would have to say that setting up on the kitchen bench with the 'Busy Box' (a box filled with scraps of fabric/paper/pipecleaners/etc) and making some art pieces.

Q: What do you most look forward to during Spring?

A: The flowers, the smell of the air and walking my dog without having to wear gloves.

Q: If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would you say to them?

A: Louise Bourgeois, for sure. I would have asked her about her life and her career and how she sustained her art practice until the end of her life.

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