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Aaannd the countdown to Flemington starts now! Are you as excited as we are? The roses are blooming and its colour, glitz and glam on the first weekend of November. If you want to make it past the race track gates, Spring Racing fashion demands you wear a hair piece to ensure that you are runway ready in the Birdcage. Towering, small, lacy, or structural, it doesn't matter – as long as it’s there!

Milliners are offering small, easy to wear, well-proportioned and functional little works of art. We sorted out 5 of the best fascinators from Ford Millinery – that we think will work a treat during this year’s Spring Racing Carnival.

Mr Caberet (1) is one powerful woman, confidently strutting her masculine energy yet feminine enough to add mystery to the glorious black pleated crinoline tilted top-hat that sweeps across the eye. A black buntal straw button base holds it in place and can best be worn with a black and white dress suit.

Champagne Tiffany (2) The hand-pleated vanilla sinamay will tower over and claim its stance while its double-fan and ostrich spine will orbit the scene. It’s Elegant, refined, and naturally glamourous!

6ft Hussy (3) She is not just 6-feet for nothing! The hussy is aqua buntal straw, hand-trimmed with aqua sequins, fluorescent orange organza rose, deep aqua/teal feather tree and one gloriously long (70-80cm) golden pheasant tail feather that gives off a 1950’s air-hostess style. Check out the base made of Golden metallic hair comb to secure. Spruce up a monochrome number, or go bold with clashing colours.

Derby Spike (4) Just because of its traditional black & white colors does not mean it’s boring days are ahead with this crown of arrows. Striking and elegant.

Audrey Brown (5) Taking cue from the spring colors of the 6-ft hussy, this wide-brimmed hat with asymmetric upturned lip is influenced by the Little Shop of Horrors and Peanut’s Charlie Brown.

Did you find your fascinator for this season yet? Now in store at Design A Space Windsor.

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Monday, 10 September 2012 10:00:00 AM Australia/Brisbane

Launched in 2008 when working as a graphic designer, Kristy McKenna was desperately after a laptop bag that wasn’t mundane and black. Despite an extensive search she couldn't find anything!  Lucky for all of us Sisken was born with an elegant and functional laptop bag made to her specifications.

That single work bag has evolved into a hugely popular collection of handbags, purses and work and travel bags.

Kristy is continually inspired by the texture and the luxurious feel of quality leather and the fact that no two pieces are exactly the same.

She works closely with leather tailors each season, learning new and exciting techniques to incorporate into her collections.

Lining fabrics are hand-printed signature designs ensuring each bag is a pretty unique and beautiful accessory.

We’re thrilled to have her extensive range available now in store at Design A Space Manchester Lane and Design A Space Fitzroy.

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