Launched in 2008 when working as a graphic designer, Kristy McKenna was desperately after a laptop bag that wasn’t mundane and black. Despite an extensive search she couldn't find anything!  Lucky for all of us Sisken was born with an elegant and functional laptop bag made to her specifications.

That single work bag has evolved into a hugely popular collection of handbags, purses and work and travel bags.

Kristy is continually inspired by the texture and the luxurious feel of quality leather and the fact that no two pieces are exactly the same.

She works closely with leather tailors each season, learning new and exciting techniques to incorporate into her collections.

Lining fabrics are hand-printed signature designs ensuring each bag is a pretty unique and beautiful accessory.

We’re thrilled to have her extensive range available now in store at Design A Space Manchester Lane and Design A Space Fitzroy.

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