Design A Space was founded by husband and wife duo Chris & Bec Lutz. The concept was born out of a motivation to allow others to explore their creativity and individuality.

Established in 2006 and the first of its kind, Design A Space is a creative retail concept developed to promote and showcase the talents of independent Australian designers in an artistic shopping environment.


Design A Space supports over 170+ local independent designers, providing an exciting mix of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion and accessories, homeware, artwork and more.



At the time Bec had her own fashion label and found it difficult to rely on buyers to take a risk with one off pieces and limited edition runs, instead choosing to order her more commercial styles. This frustration is one that many designers know well. A culmination of this issue with the lack of variety in fashion retail stores - we hatched the idea of having a space that could change all the time. A home where designers could essentially have their own space, show off their more creative pieces and gain great exposure.

Through renting a space, designers are given a retail platform to showcase their entire range. The collections offer customers the opportunity to find an original piece they may never see again and a guarantee that each visit into our stores will not be the same as their last.

The majority of our designers have been established for at least a few years over which time they have managed to perfect their creative techniques.  Many of our designers choose to showcase limited edition pieces or small capsule ranges not available anywhere else.  Whilst they may be stocked nationally and overseas they still choose to come on board with us as they benefit from the retail price.

Through our locations in Chapel Street Windsor, Manchester Lane Melbourne and Brunswick Street Fitzroy, as well as allowing the option for customers to shop our Instagram, we are committed to providing the best offering for Australian Independent Fashion in Australia.