We’re always on the lookout for independent Australian designers to showcase in our stores.

Since 2006 we have focused on providing a high profile retail platform for designers and a unique offering of individual pieces for our customers. The Design A Space concept allows you to rent out a retail space for a minimum of a 4 month period and benefit from the retail price with only a 12.5% administration fee on all sales.

Spaces vary in price depending on the size and the location in our stores. Generally, clothing spaces range from approximately $315 - $800 per month and jewellery spaces from $215 - $359 per month. If this sounds exciting and you want to know more, please fill out the below application – we’d love to hear from you!


 I've been at Design A Space Manchester Lane for around 2 years and have found it really beneficial to my business. It's the only retail store that I stock to, as I love the flexibility of deciding what goes into my shop space through communication with the team. The set up allows for creative flow, it's been a great way to test out new styles and products, outside of my online store. The communication with the team is great, they are all passionate and dedicated to all the brands they stock. They are there to help me and my customers in any way they can and have sold my items through Instagram and posted them worldwide. I've had a really positive relationship with Design A Space and am grateful to have Rumble Sky stocked there. 

Rumbly Sky


Looking for a retail space to call home?

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