The thing we love most about all our designers at Design A Space is the unique story that launched each of them on to this journey. For this designer spotlight, we're delving into the lives of Don Hett & Nuwan Kasturiratna - the faces behind Amos Label.

This is an immigrant story…

Nuwan and Don are two Sri Lankans who once moved to Melbourne for university studies at Deakin with the hopes of higher education and better standards of living. They both went through university, living in cheap shared accommodation, working harsh hours (50+ hours, 3 to 4 odd jobs at a time) to pay university fees and other expenses on their own. 7 hours of sleep was a luxury during those days.

They finished their Accounting degrees and after the rigorous permanent residency process, one started a career as an Analyst while the other, an Accountant - living every migrant’s Australian dream.

But why did they do all of that?

They did that because that is what they were supposed to do. That is what they were told to do. That is what society deemed to be “successful”. But then they realised that this was not who they really were.

They weren’t happy.

They weren’t being their true selves.

One quit being an Analyst and started a services business. One quit Accountancy and became a recruitment consultant. What brought these two together, apart from being friends for years, was their common desire for freedom.

They had both realised that there is more to living than working a corporate job, longing for the weekend throughout the workweek and doing something that they don’t like to pay bills and hold social status.

These two decided to start a project.

A project that would allow them to reach likeminded people and influence them to be brave enough to find their own freedom and their own versions of their “true selves”.

This was the beginning of Amos.

Years in the making, countless discussions of dreams and an undying desire to leave a legacy, Amos was born. Amos is for the freedom seeker. Amos is for the ones who realise that there is more to life. Amos is for the strong and the brave.

Their vision is to become a leading fashion house in Australia, catering to the world.

Their mission, to introduce unapologetic fashion using uncommon designs, all with uncompromising quality. This is an urban lifestyle brand for the sophisticated, fashion-conscious individuals - and the place where Australian talent meets international craftsmanship.

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