For this spotlight, we're so excited to tell you about em & me. - a brand new designer to our Design a Space Fitzroy store.

Welcome ladies, founders of em & me - Danah and Cara.

We know you're from Roma, Queensland, tell us about em & me.


We started this brand as we wanted our jewellery and accessories to serve that ‘gap in the market’.

For example, for consumers seeking fine jewellery at slightly more affordable price points, the Demi-Fine Jewellery (which is what we offer) bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewellery. Therefore, we can appeal to a wide cross-section of consumers and retailers.

We feel that our jewellery suits both larger department stores, and smaller boutiques as the demi-fine jewellery category is the first of its kind globally and unites elements of both fashion and fine jewellery which have historically been very separate categories.

Having seen a notable increase in women investing in unique jewellery for themselves, we feel that demi-fine jewellery allows the modern customer and retailer the opportunity to build their collection at a more affordable price point.


The best part about starting our own business is the connections we have formed with people all over Australia and the world.

Being a rural-based business, we have had so much support from not only our own communities but others in the same industry. We have learned so much about retail and we have been able to tap into our creative side by sourcing products that we hope others like.

Each collection from em & me jewellery uses a variety of different materials ranging from gemstones, sterling silver, 18k Gold plating, crystals, cotton, gold vermeil beads; and many other different combinations that create a one-of-a-kind look.

We aim to focus on a new ‘genre’ of affordable jewellery which is appropriately termed; ‘Demi-fine’. Demi-fine is a term used by jewellery brands to describe attainable yet premium quality jewellery that sits between cheap costume jewellery and expensive fine jewellery items. The secret is in the balance of metals used to make demi-fine jewellery pieces. With a solid core of sterling silver and a thick layer of 18k gold vermeil, demi-fine jewellery uses pure metals to achieve attractive price points (usually under $80) without sacrificing quality or luxury.

By keeping our jewellery within this genre, we aim to elevate an outfit with precious pieces that are still contemporary and casual enough for everyday looks. Demi-fine gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy real silver or gold (just at a lower karat). Or you can enjoy silver or gold-plated tones that come with real gemstones, thus taking the look from day to night (the fun never stops)


Design a Space is brand new to us and we are excited to share our great creations with the fashion capital.

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