Chloe Fraser is the face behind Fae Folk Jewellery.

She's always been a creator from the start, dabbling in everything from painting, costumes, drawing, fashion and more.


"My journey to becoming a jeweller started with making costumes for festivals and wanting to further explore on those areas. I would make outrageous headgear, fairy wings and feather jewellery for myself and friends."

At the time, she was gathering as many arty skills as she could. This lead our designer to pursue a basic jewellery course, which was what really solidified her love for the art.

"I dropped everything and applied to do an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Making and it was hands down the best decision I have ever made."

Since then it has been a snowball effect, expanding out and exploring all corners of metalwork and now gem cutting.

"Fae Folk Jewellery the brand has always been an extension of my personality and has and always will grow with me. It shows the world what kind of person I am. I've never pandered to what I think people will like and what I think they will buy, it is purely an expression of my love for metalworking and rocks. It is very rare I will take pen to paper to design my work, everything gets created around the gemstones I pick."

When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life - which is exactly what our designer shows us.

"I often feel as though I have to pinch myself running this business. It will never get old knowing people genuinely love what I make. I frequently find myself getting up at 7am, getting a coffee and sitting down at my bench. I will work an 8 hour day, get my work done, put my tools down only to want to sit back down at my jewellery bench or cabbing machine and continue making. That's how I know I am doing the right thing!"

Running this business is very much an extension of our designer's personality and a little bit of a window into her brain.

"I do find it hard sometimes to reign it in and I think that reflects over my website and social media. I get excited about 100 things at once and want to share the works with everyone and spread myself over 10 things at once and rather would find it more productive if I just worked on one endeavour at a time. But I'm slowly learning!"


"It has only been a year since I bought the best piece of equipment I own - my almighty CabKing. It has taken me on the most amazing whirlwind adventure of learning about and how to cut gemstones. I have fully plunged into learning all about how to cut rocks, what they are, where they come from, etc."

This love for the materials has also made our designer extremely keen to venture further out on that path and in the future become a geologist. Educating herself on geology and in time look at getting a faceting machine.

"I have very quickly realised when it comes to running this business it has been all-consuming. It's all I want to do and I'm never not excited about what I'm doing."

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