HALI MOTIF was created by Breanna, an independent jewellery designer & maker based out of a little studio on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

"With my birth element being ‘Water’ and living within a Coastal community, the name HALI meaning ‘Sea’ and MOTIF meaning ‘Design’ naturally came together. I always had a passion towards making things with my hands, ​a curiosity of how jewellery is made, and a desire to one day create my own designs."

Making jewellery out of wire and beads at her sister's baby shower is what sent our designer down her creative path of researching jewellery, pursuing a silversmithing course and then setting up her own studio.

"I ensure sustainability by working closely with Australian businesses, sourcing mostly recycled metals, using biodegradable packaging and environmentally friendly practices."

It is through this that Breanna is able to share her passion without having a negative impact on the environment, which is the source of her inspiration. Her hope is that consumers can also have a positive impact on the circle of sustainability by making a conscious effort to source local businesses that are environmentally focused. Keeping each other honest and aware will also help to promote this further.


"The best parts are being able to see my ideas come to life through conscientiously carving wax and shaping metals. My designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural universe, and reflect my take on how each of these may have an impact on us physically and emotionally. I love that each piece I create is individually cast and hand polished by myself, meaning each will have their own unique beauty; no two pieces are identically the same."


"Being an independent designer and maker, the costs that are involved in each design, having to individually polish and custom size rings while meeting deadlines are all challenges that I face. The day and age that we currently live in, people are usually looking for something then and there, so I just have to have faith that people can appreciate and understand the time and effort I put into each order, and have patience with the processing times that I am able to currently provide."


"I hope that in the near future I will be able to build up more stock so I can have quicker processing times for my customers and create a better work/life balance, especially with a little one due any day now. However, I am a little addicted. I look at this as a lifestyle, rather than a ‘job’. I absolutely love what I do and am forever coming up with new ideas and creations, therefore the future within HALI MOTIF is unknown and very exciting." Love HALI MOTIF? Shop Design A Space Fitzroy!