For this designer spotlight, we're showcasing the beautiful MAGANO. The Label.

MAGANO. isn't just an ordinary clothing label - their 'why' and the drive behind the brand is what makes them so special. Their dresses are designed with a specific purpose, and that is to bring joy and dignity to those who are self-conscious about their bodies and their midsection.

For Kel, MAGANO. the Label's founder, she knows all too well that there can be a million different reasons why ladies might be self-conscious about their midsection. From genetics and pregnancy to even unique medical conditions, the drive behind the brand is to stop women from feeling ashamed of their bodies and to bring back their confidence.

Kel is a survivor of various medical conditions, one called stomach fibroids and the other, endometriosis. This enlarges her stomach and makes it incredibly difficult to find beautiful dresses and clothing that fits in the right places.

Over the years, Kel has met many women that resonate with this problem, and this past year she has finally decided to bravely step up, not only for herself but for all of the others out there who feel uncomfortable with clothing that just doesn't 'fit right'. Her desire to do something about this has not only lead to the creation of beautiful garments that are extremely forgiving to all body types - it has lead to the creation of a brand that empowers women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Magano, meaning “gift” – and also Kel’s surname, became the label's mission; to give the gift of these dresses to the women that wear them, so they can regain their confidence back, feel beautiful and dignified.

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