For our last designer spotlight with MAGANO. The Label, we spoke about why the clothing is designed the way it is and the problem that the founder, Keletso, was trying to solve. Her dresses are designed with a specific purpose, and that is to bring joy and dignity to those who are self-conscious about their bodies and their midsection.

For this spotlight, we'll be talking a little more about who Keletso is, and what it is that drove her to start the brand.

Kel has had this dream for over 5 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and pursue it. After a lifetime of frustration and embarrassment in not being able to find a dress that fits well or that she could be confident in, these frustrations slowly lead to a stronger resolve in wanting to provide a solution to women who encounter similar problems.

Things such as shopping experiences with friends where she should have been feeling happy would often cause her to feel ashamed and unworthy, as she was unable to confidently show her peers how dresses and clothing looked. However, it was also those moments that lead her to start up a label that has been life-changing to ladies of all shapes and sizes. Before transitioning into fashion, Kel had almost 20 years of experience in Early Childhood  Education Leadership. So transitioning to fashion has been a total whirlwind of a career change.

However, she is no stranger to fashion, as it's been a love affair of hers since childhood.

Since the massive career change, she has been learning more about fashion, making her own clothes, (finally!) using the sewing machine of 20 years that has been untouched since her husband had gotten it for her.

She is so grateful to be surrounded by supportive people in the fashion industry, family, friends and her faith community.

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