This month we're shining the spotlight onto our fabulous new jewellery designer, MJxo Designs based in the rural village of Tooraweenah, New South Wales.


Melissa started making earrings as gifts 15 months ago and caught the eye of a local boutique owner who encouraged her to create a label name and to continue making more pieces. With the encouragement of those around her, MJxo Design was born - named after her two children, Maddi & Jake.

Melissa is a farmer's wife and lives in the bush with a village population of only 250 people. The next town over is Gilgandra with a population of 2,500. As you can imagine, this poses a lot of challenges, with a limited audience and reach, and having to constantly change designs so that not everyone in the village wears the same pairs of earrings. This isolation also means that she's not able to pop down the street for more supplies.

"One of my favourite parts is being able to provide my community with something different. Going to social events and seeing my earrings rocking around the place. My latest collaborations with local artists also give them another platform to showcase themselves."

All of Melissa's designs are hand-cut, which gives her the freedom to experiment, fuelling her creativity. Regardless of bruised and blistered knuckles, our talented new designer loves to create fabulous new lightweight designs in collaboration with local artists around her community.

"There is a lot of talent in the bush, but we just don't have the platforms or audience that our city friends do".

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