This month we're shining the spotlight on Rosa Rosa the Label. By bringing to you elevated, fashion-forward clothing at an affordable price point, Rosa Rosa the Label aims to spread the importance of knowing where your clothes come from, and the impact that it has on the world.

"Unlike many other brands, we are conscious of the environmental and social impact that we have on the world. All of our products are made locally in Melbourne, to ensure the process is 100% ethical, every step of the way. Our products have also been officially approved by PETA as vegan clothing, so no living being has been harmed in the process. We also manufacture with limited stock quantities so that wastage is minimised". Each collection has a strong message behind it, as each and every piece is designed to empower the wearer to be the best versions of themselves. When shopping with Rosa Rosa, your conscience will always forgive you. In fact, it might even thank you for it!


"I like to think that Rosa Rosa has a very positive social impact, as I aim to spread awareness about ethical fashion, its effects and importance. Speaking out through my bold clothing is one of the ways I can attract people's attention, and along the way it allows me to teach them why it matters. We are very conscious of our environmental impact and do our best to reduce absolutely as much waste as possible. There is always room to improve, and ways to make sure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible and we are working towards that each and every day".


"I have always loved fashion. Not necessarily ‘fashion’ in the usual sense, but the styling of clothing and creating something that truly reflects my personality and how I am feeling for the day. Honestly, I never thought much of it as I was always a very academic student and was determined to be paediatric psychologist, but I made the decision to give fashion a try and see if it’s my path. I am glad I took the risk because we need to enjoy what we do for work, so much so that it shouldn’t feel like ‘work’.

It started in Year 12 where I wasn’t allowed to do textiles at school. I fought and fought for them to put on the class but they weren’t willing to. So instead of giving up, I took the time to create a folio in my own time so I could still apply for fashion courses at the end of the year.

At university, I studied a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design at Billy Blue College of Design. I was able to accelerate my course and complete it in two years. I’ve always been a hard worker, which stems from me being terribly impatient, so having the option to fast track this course was amazing. Very shortly after finishing my degree, I landed my first full-time job and started working in Design and Production. I learnt a lot from my first full-time job. I had so much responsibility as it was such a small office. I quickly took on more and more, which was great for me to learn and engage in other areas, however, eventually it was too much. I started to feel fast fashion to be unrewarding - I was always working so hard, but never felt a sense of achievement or a proud moment. I always felt bad for pushing the offshore factory workers to meet deadlines as I knew they were making sacrifices on their end. I felt guilty for using leather, wool and other animal fibres. I felt guilty for the waste that we were accumulating,"

"It was soon after having these doubts that I had a moment of realisation; that the industry doesn’t have to be like this! Fashion shouldn’t be at someone else’s expense. I was always toying with the idea of starting up my own brand one day, but little did I know I would be this soon! I quit my full-time job and started my venture of Rosa Rosa at only 21 years old. So far everything has exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t have made a better decision".


After graduating from my degree I started my first role in design. Even though I learnt a lot from my first full time job, I had so much responsibility it was just too much. I kept taking on more and more, and even when I said it was too much, I had no choice but to finish it. I felt they used me, as I was a low wage and a good worker. I would work so many long hours, and it really took a toll on me emotionally and socially. When I'd work up the courage to say I needed some help with my workload, as I was really tired and staying back too often, the response I got was, “that’s just the industry”. It was then and there when I had that moment of realisation. This industry doesn’t have to be like this... So the next day I quit. And there started my venture for Rosa Rosa, Jan 2019 I started working on my brand at only 21 years old. I knew that one day I wanted to start my own label, but I did not know it would be so soon! So far, I definitely think I made the right decision. It is so rewarding building an ethical brand and sharing it with the world".


"The best part is definitely seeing my visions come to life. Concepts are easy to come up with, but to see real-life garments on people that were originally little thumbnail sketches is pretty unreal. The impact that Rosa Rosa has by educating people about the importance of ethical/vegan/local fashion makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love starting conversations about these issues and teaching people along the way. The sustainable fashion industry is full of engaging, friendly and supportive people who have the same moral ground - it is such a wonderful thing to be apart of".


Starting a business, especially in the first few years, there are more struggles than victories. Financial struggles, of course, is a big one. Having to juggle working other part-time jobs to survive, while still trying to stay on top of everything else. The periods of plateau are also difficult, and it's hard to remain hopeful for potential future growth - but you get through it. It is hard to stay positive, but in order to make my dreams come true of making this business succeed, something as simple as a smile and thoughts of hope is what gets me through it all. 


The future of Rosa Rosa is a mystery. I have enjoyed seeing my brand grow and evolve each day, I always have a thousand new ideas and things I want to implement, so it could go in any direction! My main focus is to continue to spread the message of vegan, local and ethical fashion, and the lifestyle that comes with that. These are the core values of Rosa Rosa and I want to spread this knowledge through my bright and quirky clothing.  They also recently launched Capsule 4 on March 16th!

You can shop their fabulous designs in Design A Space Fitzroy!