This month we're shining the spotlight onto the designer of the most gorgeous raincoats, Scribbler Gear.

How did it all start?

While Camila's background is in marketing research, she's always been interested in clothing design, as her father was a textile chemist. Because of this, a lot of her childhood was spent in factories, dye houses, mills and laundries. She loved to make her own clothes as a child and into her teens

Coming to NZ where it rained a lot more than I was used to, Camila went looking for a raincoat but couldn’t find anything she truly loved. This is when she decided to start designing her own!

Luckily enough, her husband is an artist and has a background in technical garment design, so he has been a key advisor in the construction of Scribbler Gear garments.

It was also, in a sense, a way of turning ‘lemons into lemonade’ – but with rain.

"I love being outdoors with my family, even when the weather isn’t good, but I also want to look like ‘me’ – not just wearing a black hiking coat", says Camila. We couldn't agree more! Just because the weather's dreary doesn't mean you need to match it!

Scribbler is all about self-expression and reflecting what you see in nature. No straight lines, no two plants, animals or snowflakes are ever the same.

"We use artist prints for our fabric design, and these are cut differently for every coat that is made – you shouldn’t find two that are exactly the same. We use bold colours, designs and shapes. We are unafraid to be ourselves. We also want to encourage people to be outdoors, regardless of the weather. We teach this to our children too - that even when things are a little challenging (like the weather), we aren’t dependent on that for our happiness: we can still have fun – with the right gear".

They've designed the right gear for adventures (all Scribbler Gear coats are technically waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed, DWR coated), built to allow life’s little surprises and memories.

What's the most rewarding part?

"The best part is seeing how our products look on people, seeing where they take them – we get sent loads of pics of people on their international travels, exploring their own countries, or just being out and about with friends & family – but most importantly, hearing how good they feel in our products. We get told how often they are stopped by strangers who tell them how much they love their coat or cap. That’s really rewarding – we are brightening people’s everyday lives and that feels great".

The biggest challenge?

"The biggest challenge is being patient. We have so many ideas that we want to put into production, but everything takes time and money! We work hard to ensure details are as perfect as we can make them, so the development time is long, but then we are rewarded by a great product that people love, so it is worth it".

Scribbler Gear is only 2 years old, so they need support with growing and getting their vision out there.

Plans for the future

"We are releasing 2 new product types later this year – a waterproof puffer vest that is made using recycled plastic bottles. We are going to be working harder to ensure our products are sustainable in as many ways as we can. This puffer vest is the first of many products to come like this. The other new product is a waterproof bomber jacket – it is gorgeous and we can’t wait for it to be out of production! We always try to make our products as functional as possible – so ensuring that you are getting great design all around".

Love this? Shop Scribbler Gear at Design A Space Fitzroy! Adult and kids sizes available!