If there's any clothing brand that makes you want to become an even better person - it would be Souten Clothing.

Owner Talitha O’Connor experience of working in the public sector in human trafficking and people smuggling has launched her into a mission in ensuring there is no exploitation in Souten Clothing Co’s supply chain, as well as working with organisations that actively combat modern slavery.

This brand focuses on ethical consumerism and transparent manufacturing, but then they do you one even better by supporting and empowering women around the world. They donate a portion of their profits to One Girl to educate girls in the developing world.

Souten Clothing Co creates effortless and playful garments in sizes 6 to 18 for wearers of women’s clothing. Each item has been thoughtfully designed to be easy to wear, but make a statement with bold prints and bright colours.

Every step of the process is transparent, from how the base fabrics are made, through to manufacturing and shipping.

They believe that fashion is a feminist issue, as 80% of garment workers are women, and 75% of fashion purchases are made by women.

They also believe best way to support women the world over is to educate them, which means that 10% to 50% of the profits of each item are donated to One Girl, providing education for girls in the developing world.

Approximately half of their collection is manufactured in India by Saheli Women - a social enterprise that gives women marketable skills and economic independence, and supports all their daughters to complete school.

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