For this spotlight, we're so excited to tell you about The Elsewhere Co. - a very cool and innovative brand at Design a Space Windsor.

The Elsewhere Co. design fashion accessories with purpose, with each wallet crafted with versatility in mind. We chatted with founder Liz, all about their brand and the new "Reimagine 2021" Collection.

Why did you start The Elsewhere co. ?

When I started The Elsewhere Co., I knew I wanted to create a brand with real purpose. I believe that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. As a designer, I wanted to create accessories that are not only respectful of the planet but that are also actively part of the solution to critical environmental issues such as waste and biodiversity decline by contributing to landscape regeneration projects and repurposing, reimagining and recreating waste. It was also really important to me to design products that have a genuine purpose in the world, that function effortlessly to help women feel more organised within their busy lives - so they’re free to do the things they love. That’s why we don’t design bags for the sake of fashion, we create incredibly useful, runway-worthy accessories made from waste material – staple pieces you can repurpose and restyle countless ways to elevate your look and extend your existing wardrobe.

Personally, what are the best parts about your brand?

As a purpose led label, the best parts of the brand are the values that enable the business to have a positive impact. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far and it feels amazing to see the difference we’re making. With every sale, we’re saving waste from landfill, contributing to regeneration projects across Australian landscapes and encouraging people to think more consciously about their fashion choices.

Recycle + Reimagine

We are focused on using materials that are already in circulation instead of taking more precious resources from our planet. Our accessories are crafted using RCS-100 certified recycled leather, an innovative new material with low environmental impact. We’re tackling textile waste by diverting waste from landfill and reimagining it into circular fashion accessories. We’ve already saved approximately 148kg of leather and 32kg of cotton from reaching landfill and it’s only the beginning.

Repurpose + Restyle

The most sustainable items are those we already own and when we do buy something new it’s essential the item serves a genuine purpose. Our accessories have been designed as multi-functional wardrobe staples that offer endless styling options, whilst keeping you organised throughout your day. We encourage our customers to reconnect with their creativity and make the most of what they already own by repurposing and restyling our accessories to create countless different looks.

Regenerate + Restore

We actively participate in regenerating landscapes and supporting biodiversity via our partnership with Greening Australia. For every sale made through The Elsewhere Co. we donate $1 to Greening Australia to support their revegetation work in places like The Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania’s Island Ark and their nationwide bushfire recovery program.

Why Design A Space?

We’ve been stocked at Design A Space for around a year now. As an online business, it’s great to have a physical retail space where customers can experience our accessories in person. I also get lots of great feedback from customers which is invaluable for product design and development. Design A Space are so supportive of emerging designers and it’s great to see our collection amongst some of Australia’s best independent designers.

What inspired you to create your latest collection?

Our Reimagine 2021 collection was inspired by the simple concept of doing more with less and making the most of what is already in circulation instead of taking more of our earth’s precious resources. My vision for the label is to reimagine waste into circular designed fashion accessories with purpose. So, not only do our recycled leather wallets keep waste out of landfill but our versatile designs help women stay organised, find their freedom and feel empowered to create their own style by repurposing, restyling and wearing their accessories their way.

Find below a video on how to style the new Elsewhere Co. chains and charms.

Our new chain and charm collection was actually inspired by our amazing Design A Space customers! Customers had given feedback in-store that they’d love to be able to wear their wallet like a handbag and so I spent much of this year designing the perfect capsule collection of chains + charms that allow you to wear your wallet or passport cover hands-free! With the launch of the new collection, you can now choose your wallet, customise it with a chain strap, personalise it with charms, and wear it your way. There are so many ways to style our accessories! Shop The Elsewhere Co. Collection online here or at Design A Space Windsor.