For this designer spotlight, we're showcasing the amazing Vandenberg Fashion whose fabulous creations are driven by her ethical zero-waste policy.

Hayley van den Berg-Pitt grew up in Melbourne and had always dreamed of being a fashion designer. Our designer used to make clothing for her barbie dolls, which eventually led her down a path to making clothes for herself, her family and now for fashion lovers and ethical shoppers all around Australia.

Hayley started Vandenberg Fashion shortly after studying fashion design. While she was studying, she interned in NYC and Sydney - giving her great experience and the confidence to be able to do it herself.

Our designer wanted to create a brand that accurately reflected who she was, as well as to create designs that she couldn't find anywhere else. She had always wanted her brand to be for creative people who weren't afraid of expressing themselves and weren't afraid of wearing a bold print or shiny PVC.

However, at the same time, Hayley wanted to steer clear of fast fashion and make sure that her clothes weren't adding to the huge amounts of waste that was already in the world.

As she was studying, she learnt a lot about sustainable fashion, and as she was making her own clothes, she began to notice how much waste was being put into landfill. This is why she now collects all her fabric scraps and makes zero waste bags and pouches, which are available at both our Windsor and Fitzroy stores.

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